#CJPlayground Music Schedule


15 Nov 2014 | 12.00pm-11.45pm | LimKokWing University of Creative Technology (LUCT), Cyberjaya

This is a ticketed event. First 1000 get free tickets so what are you waiting for?! Click to Grab Tickets.

# #CJConcert is a mammoth one-day independent music day out! We kick off with the GBOB Malaysia Finals, an open mic and the FEYST Concert that offers independent bands old and new, a chance to meet real fans while playing original music! The finale #CJConcert is set to rock the Cyberjaya community with great music and a whole load of attitude! See you there!

FEYST Concert Stage @ Courtyard2, LUCT
*Note new changes in schedule as of 11 NOV. Band registrations now closed.


12.00pm-5.00pm DoPPel Music World Open Mic 

  1. Im and Ezz
  2. My Frenetic Flux
  3. Middlesons
  4. Jeneral
  5. The Freedom
  6. Nik Nabil
  7. The Tick



5.00pm-10.00pm FEYST Concert feat. GBOB Malaysia 2013/4 Bands

Djezna’s Stalker (2nd place GBOB2013/4), The Outbreak (3rd place GBOB2013/4), Fin Chemistry (4th place GBOB2013/4), Son of a Policeman (5th place GBOB2013/4), PHLOX, The Rubberbands, Shh…Diam! and more!

  1. Amrita Soon
  2. Fin Chemistry
  3. Shh…Diam!
  4. Phlox
  5. Djezna’s Stalker
  6. The Rubberbands
  7. Son of a Policeman
  8. The Outbreak
  9. Carving the Fate
  10. Alphabetical Theory
  11. Forever in Atlas


#CJConcert Stage @ The Plaza, LUCT


12.00pm-4.00pm Global Battle of the Bands Malaysia Finals

Top 10 bands battle it out!

4.00-5.00pm GBOB Malaysia Judging

 Note time change. Concert starts at 5.00pm and not 7.45pm.


5.00pm-11.45pm #CJConcert

Featuring independent bands like OAG, Y2K, Couple, S.O.G., An Honest Mistake, The Nose (GBOB 2013/4 Champion) GBOB 2014/5 Champion from Malaysia, also guest bands Superman is Dead (Indonesia) and 21Scott (Korea)!

5.00 pm

The Nose
21 Scott (Korea)
An Honest Mistake

7.00 pm – 7.45 pm

Prayer Break

7.45 pm – 11.45 pm

GBOB Malaysia Prize Presentation
Performance by GBOB 2014/5 Winner
Sekumpulan Orang Gila (SOG)

Superman Is Dead

Good night!

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