#CJTECHTalk Keynote


Keynote Address: Entrepreneurship in the creative industries

By David Garpenstahl (Stockholm, Sweden)

Serial Entrepreneur, Guest Speaker, Advisor

15 November 2014 | 10:00am – 3.00pm | LimKokWing University of Creative Technology Cyberjaya


CJTECHTalk Keynote Address Speaker and Panel Moderator – David Garpenstahl, is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience founding and leading more than 10 companies. He has a successful track record from the music, gaming and events industries. One of the pioneers in the gaming and e-sports industry on an international level, David is a former owner and CEO of DreamHack, who led DreamHack to becoming the world’s largest digital festival. He has also been involved in companies such as ESN Social Software (acquired by Electronic Arts) and Inferno Online (world’s largest gaming centre). David is holding guest lectures on the topics of Entrepreneurship, Gaming, Gamification, Project leading, Leadership and others.

Some of his engagements include:

  • Projektnäring, “Project leading”, Sweden
  • “Nordic Gaming Industry”, Brazil
  • Stockholm School of Economics, “Entrepreneurship”, Sweden
  • Tie Nordic, “Financing your growing venture”, Sweden
  • Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, “Entrepreneurship”, Sweden
  • International Digital Entertainment Forum, “Gaming”, China
  • Royal Institute of Technology, “Gaming and e-sports”, Sweden
  • E-sport Symposium, Korea

Topic: Entrepreneurship in the creative industries

Do you love gaming? Do you consider a career in the gaming or movie industry? What steps should you take? How can your entrepreneurship or career in Malaysia benefit from the coming opportunities?

David Garpenståhl draws on his personal experiences as an entrepreneur, leading the world´s largest digital festival – DreamHack or creating technology for gaming companies, and takes you behind the scenes into an industry that has in just a few decades profoundly changed entertainment forever. And this is just the beginning!

He tells an inspirational story about a part of the world close to the Polar circle that loves gaming and is the home of the companies that created games such as Angry Birds, Battlefield, Minecraft and the new Star Wars. David will provide insights on the entrepreneurial, creative environment and digital culture in the Nordic region and also take a look at what the future might hold for the creative industries.

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