FEYST Concert

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FEYST Concert

DoPPel Music World Open Mic

It’s a FEYST tradition to showcase independent musicians who’ve made a mark whilst DoPPel Music World Open Mic, well, that’s the unedited and open platform where all musicians are welcomed, no auditions necessary. Catch last year’s GBOB Malaysia Top 6 bands on stage with up and coming independent bands and singer songwriters. All happening at the Courtyard2 at LUCT Cyberjaya this 15 NOV from 12pm-9pm!



GBOB Malaysia 2013/4 2nd Place

Formed by two schoolmates from KL in 2005, Djezna’s Stalker operated on a rotating line-up before settling on its current members: Ahmad (vocals/acoustic guitar), William and Jermyn (electric guitars/harmonica), and the rhythm section of Jugs (bass) and Wangster (drums).
They always fond of playing live, the band have played energetic sets in gigs including Youth ’09 & ’10, Mardigras SyokShock, M.A.N.G.G.A Sessions, The Artistic Series, Fete de la Musique, Homegrown Space, and IACT PARTS @ The Bee.
The band draws on each member’s musical influences, forming the foundation of their sound in their songwriting – their first single “Uninspired” now available online!



GBOB Malaysia 2013/4 3rd Place

A combination of 2 bands, The Outbreak is a mix of modern and old skool rock & roll feel between Cynosure & Rock & Roll John plus some metal influence in it. They carry lots of guitar riffs and drum attacks not to forget guitar solos and melodic vocals too. Influenced by many great musicians such as Foo Fighters, Metallica, The Beatles etc.



GBOB Malaysia 2013/4 4th Place

Fin Chemistry was established in late 2007 in Penang. With the concept of rock alternative, FC staffed by Eastmali, Said, , Shamito, Ayano Yamazaki and Rodhi. Inspired by multiple genre of sound (metal, rock, British pop & grunge), FC applied these characteristic in their composition.



The Rubberbands are a Penang based nerd rock band formed in 2011 by Eric and lead guitarist, Ruth. They are later joined by Hazama Rock on drums and a rather shy bassist, Max. With loud guitars and catchy grooves, the Rubberbands delivers upbeat, energetic performances of their own materials from generic blues song, “Cina Blues” to a grunge influenced number like “Hypocrite”.
Part of the success of the band relies on their mutual respect and understanding of each other’s musicality as each member takes an active role in the song writing process. With their musically diverse background and tastes all adding to the creative mix, their songs emerge from their lengthy jam sessions, each unique and “rubbery”.



Shh…Diam! was formed in August 2009. Actually they were formed before they existed. Farah made the band up when she got a gig by saying she had a band when she didn’t. She recruited her schoolmate Diyz on bass, cousin Yon on guitar and ex-colleague Kurin on drums because they were there. Kurin left to get married and Jellene joined them a short while later to fill a void in their drummer-less lives.
They sound much like what any band would sound like if you put jazz, metal and punk together in a big bowl, add eggs, flour, water, a pinch of salt, butter and put that in your oven. Wrap in foil and leave overnight to retain moisture. You might get a moist butter cake but you will also get a nice musical smorgasbord.



A band of four that has been rocking since 2009 and appreciates joining the FEYST scene again and again.

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